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SOZOU is a lighting/product design studio based in Melbourne, Australia established in 2019. The studio aim to produce lighting and objects which act as a poetic word in a space without overwhelming its personality. Each object is hand made and finished in Melbourne workshops ensure the highest quality, and to enhance the emotion-centric studio philosophy.

Ko and Stef.jpg

Kohtaroh Colwell-Matsuura and Stefano Verdi are the designers of SOZOU studio. With a collective background in both the object and spatial, their shared practices have a developed appreciation towards multicultural and shared approaches to design and aesthetics.


Kohtaroh, born and raised in Tokyo, has a multidisciplinary background in visual art and design, designing and handcrafting high quality lighting products for several years. Stefano, born and raised in Italy, has a background in architectural design. He has a cultivated sense of spatiality that he brings to the lighting process.


Together, they continue cultivating their shared passion and philosophy based on various perspectives; East and West, the Australian landscape, emotional art and beauty of functionality.

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